How Sofigate helps their customers succeed in transformations

Why do so many transformations fail?

  • According to a HBR study, only 22% of transformations succeed and it’s how you engage your people that defines the line between success and failure. Although organizations have recognized a clear lack of collaboration, many transformation projects still fail due to insufficient involvement. It is time for radical change.
  • Technology transformations are significant investments for organizations. While results can be impactful, the transformation can be defined as successful only when the change is collectively understood, made visible, and built to sustain.

Case Sofigate


Sofigate is the leading business technology consultancy in the Nordics, helping its clients plan, build, and implement technology solutions that support the whole organization as well as lead transformation projects. One of Sofigate’s priorities is to provide individuals with the capabilities to lead change themselves rather than being merely subject to it.

To support effective involvement, Sofigate needed technology that would also enhance people’s ability to navigate change throughout the transformation journey.


Sofigate had previously used its in-house tool for facilitating change but ended up replacing it with Howspace to have an easy-to-use, ever-evolving platform supported by artificial intelligence.

Sofigate first piloted Howspace in internal training and, after a successful pilot, integrated the platform into their client work as well.

With Howspace, Sofigate can support its clients to involve a greater number of people in the change process and navigate long-term transformation journeys successfully.


Howspace enables Sofigate to facilitate transformation, enhance its clients’ change capabilities, and achieve change objectives and business goals.

Significant time and resource savings were achieved with reusable templates and analytics for efficient monitoring, ensuring impressive results.

Sofigate has driven high activity and commitment to change, maintaining engagement levels above 70% by providing versatile features and engagement methods and creating an inspiring work environment for the transformation process.

ABB and Sofigate: “Engage people as the agents of change”

In the webinar, change management professionals from ABB, Howspace, and Sofigate will share insights on the importance and methods of engagement in large-scale transformation projects.

You will gain insights into the following questions:

  • At what stage of the transformation process is involvement particularly crucial, albeit challenging?
  • How to integrate the expertise of the entire organization and various stakeholders more extensively into decision-making and change?
  • How can we foster commitment among participants and initiate change throughout the entire process?
  • How to ensure the learning of individuals involved in the change?

Experts telling the story

Lassi Kurkijärvi

Lassi Kurkijärvi

Executive CTO, Sofigate

Lassi is an experienced change leader in both transforming existing business and commercializing innovations. Throughout his career, he has worked with both international corporations and growth companies.

Mia Nikula

Mia Nikula

Business Executive, Platform Transformations, Sofigate

Mia is a business leadership coaching partner in digital transformations. She is interested in increasing capabilities in business—especially leading people in large change projects. Mia’s motto is: ‘Inspire, enable, and bring out the benefits while maintaining continuous dialogue’.”

Mika Mäkinen

Mika Mäkinen

MODP Business Transformation u0026 ERP Lead, ABB

Mika is responsible for ABB Motion Drive Products’ ERP and MES transformation projects.

Olli-Pekka Juoperi

Olli-Pekka Juoperi

Customer Relations, Founder, Howspace

Olli-Pekka is one of the three founders of Howspace. Throughout his extensive career, Oopee has assisted various organizations in solving questions related to learning and development.

What does successful transformation require?

Toward a common understanding

For a transformation to succeed, people need to feel that they are the change agents, not just subjects of change.

Individuals should also be provided with ample opportunity to understand the reasons and impacts of the change from their own, team, and organizational perspectives.

Employees must lead change

Communicating changes from top management is no longer sufficient.

Involvement must extend widely, ensuring commitment to the transformation occurs during the process. Support can also be sought externally, but employees must be provided with the tools and necessary coaching to lead the transformation themselves.

Develop your skills in facilitating transformation

Organizational transformation is a challenging journey that requires the active involvement of every employee. Many organizations fail to reach their full potential due to resistance to change and a lack of engagement.

At Howspace, we’re committed to equipping leaders with the expertise and tools needed to navigate the complex world of organizational transformation.

Our free, 3-week virtual course is designed to expand your skills and knowledge, providing you with frameworks and methodologies to drive successful transformations.

You get to:

  • Deepen your knowledge and gain a wider understanding of involvement in organizational transformations.
  • Delve into an array of tools, methodologies, and frameworks essential for leading successful change.
  • Engage in a dynamic social learning journey, tapping into the collective wisdom of your peers.

The course consists of:

  • Five asynchronous sessions (30-45 minutes each)
  • One synchronous workshop on how to utilize Howspace in the transformation journey.
  • Facilitated social learning space for the participants
  • Participants can now also choose from our list of 25 (and counting) supported languages to communicate freely in their preferred language, thanks to our AI!
  • An end reflection, after which you receive a certificate of completion

The course can be completed asynchronously in your own time during a three-week period. The expectation for you is to have approximately 2 hours per week set aside for learning.

In addition to the asynchronous learning modules, there will be one synchronous 1-hour workshop emphasizing a more practical, hands-on approach to utilizing Howspace in the transformation journey.

Please note that we’ll have limited seats so make sure to secure your spot now!

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