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Ensure your clients never fail in transformation again.

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The end-to-end transformation platform.

Facilitate organizational transformation in a more agile, collaborative, transparent, and engaging way with Howspace. Let people voice their thoughts and use AI to analyze input in real-time and make decisions faster.

No more misalignment

Invite everyone to contribute and keep all relevant stakeholders involved in the transformation journey. Collect insights from the entire organization at scale to ensure everyone’s buy-in and make faster decisions.

From low to high engagement

Gone are the days when people just come into meetings without sharing their input. With Howspace, you can engage everyone at a scale no matter where, when, or how many are joining.

No more time spent shuffling post-its

Let our AI help you gather insights from conversations and content in real-time. You can forget about the notes on post-its and flip charts, the long hours required for analysis, and data crunching when you have Howspace.

From growing pains to greater gains

Scaling a consulting business isn’t easy. Unless you build your services around a comprehensive solution like Howspace that allows you to leverage and tailor your best-proven tactics across your client base.

No more failed transformations

Here's why consultants and their clients love using Howspace.

Higher success rates

With Howspace, implementation becomes measurably more successful, and key stakeholders are consistently involved in the journey. Higher participation and engagement rates equal better business outcomes.

Faster projects with greater impact

With real-time AI and polls, you can make a faster analysis of the situation in a collaborative way. Making decisions becomes more agile, transparent, and collaborative while creating greater impact.

Competitive advantage with a scalable solution

Build your client projects on Howspace and make collaborative ways of working your competitive advantage. Scale with creating templates and easily tailor them to client needs.

Customer Stories

Microsoft partner Fellowmind creates an inclusive data strategy process with Howspace

Fellowmind, Europe’s leading Microsoft partner, developed an inclusive, easily customizable data strategy process for their clients using the Howspace platform.

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Milestone and Aktia on a journey of digital culture development

Milestone Coaching & Consulting and Aktia used Howspace to develop organizational culture and to digitize a major development process.

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Implement & E.on helped more than 200 managers to evolve together

Howspace helped transform the way the European consulting company, Implement, collaborates with its customers.

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What Howspace facilitators say about us

Howspace is used in the co-creation, design, and implementation of organizational transformation and change.

“The digital ways of working bring more participation and equality to the process. Everyone’s voice matters the same on a digital platform. This is a possibility for leaders to hear what people in their organization are saying, at a new scale.”

Elina Aaltolainen, Consultant at Milestone (Working with Aktia Bank)

“The digital way of working brings transparency to processes. When the discussion involves a wide range of experts from the organization in addition to management, it breaks down the hierarchy and builds trust. On the platform, change and related decisions are constantly visible to everyone, not just at separate points in time. We do not believe in a change where a workshop or a few are held, followed by a long silence and uncertainty about whether common ideas have progressed.”

Antti Pitkänen, Director of Research and Strategy, Chairman of the Board, Agile Work

“Without Howspace, it would take a shocking amount of time to compile information and material. Now we can always easily find all the videos, images, questions, presentations, and other materials related to a particular concept in the workspace. Howspace is particularly well suited to support these types of conceptual services and complements Microsoft’s product portfolio.”

Niko Tuominen, Fellowmind’s VP of Strategy