Howspace Learning

Make learning engaging with an AI-powered social platform

What is Howspace Learning?

Howspace Learning is a comprehensive learning platform designed to create deep, impactful learning experiences. It leverages AI-powered features to support social and cohort-based learning and offers advanced facilitation tools.

With Howspace Learning, organizations can manage and deliver comprehensive learning programs through a modern, no-code portal tailored for flexible access by any stakeholder, be it customers, members, or volunteers.


Enhanced social learning

Facilitate a collaborative learning environment that participants love without the hassle of complex user management.

Streamlined management

Manage all training activities, courses, and performance records within a single platform.

Automated processes

Reduce manual work with automated user exports and individually tailored recommendations.

Scalable and flexible

Easily scalable to accommodate large numbers of participants, with a modern and intuitive user interface.

High engagement

Achieve high participant engagement rates and support for deep learning, including behavioral and attitude changes.


Next-level accessibility features for multilingual groups, with AI-powered translations and mobile usage.

Visually engaging

Present and promote learning offerings effectively to members, employees, and stakeholders with a visually engaging portal.

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Use cases

Unions and Associations

Offer valuable training and events to members, volunteers, and external stakeholders with ease.


  • Managing diverse participant groups not part of a single organization.
  • Creating engaging learning programs.
  • Limited resources for digital development.


  • Simplified self-enrollment with flexible login options.
  • High engagement rates through social learning and facilitation.
  • An all-in-one, admin-friendly platform that minimizes manual work

Training providers

Grow your business with scalable, impactful training programs


  • Facilitator-heavy model with manual work.
  • Managing participant outcomes and reporting.
  • Attracting customers to in-person training.


  • Automate and simplify processes with an all-in-one learning system.
  • High engagement rates through social learning and facilitation.
  • A flexible platform enhances deep learning with synchronous and asynchronous work.

Learning and Development

Make business-critical learning programs like leadership training, onboarding, and skills development scalable and efficient.


  • Expensive cohort-based learning programs.
  • Inadequate virtual learning solutions for modern business needs.
  • Disorganized and underutilized learning infrastructure.


  • Saves time and money by reducing face-to-face time and travel.
  • Scalable programs with enhanced accessibility for multilingual groups.
  • Supports complex re-skilling needs with AI-driven learning outcomes.

Our solution: Howspace Learning

A facilitation platform with advanced learning features designed to enhance engagement and collaboration.

  • Hub for managing the learning offering & participants
  • Dynamic workspaces built for specific needs
  • Fully adjustable to brand
  • Admin-friendly and easy to use
  • Built-in generative AI for sensemaking and analysis


  • Content-sharing in all formats
  • Advanced features for facilitation and dialogue 
  • Gamification: Voting, Polling, Leaderboards
  • Assignments and exams for testing
  • Analytics to follow the impact

Howspace HUB

Management system for the entire learning offering

  • Tools for tracking qualifications and completion
  • Participant management
  • Visual portal to present the learning offering
  • One place to apply, enroll, and register for the courses

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