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Howspace Achieves ISO 27001:2013 Certification to Ensure Highest Levels of Security for Customers

We are thrilled to announce that Howspace, the leading collaboration design platform, has achieved ISO 27001:2013 certification. This significant accomplishment […]

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20 organizational development experts share their top tips for effective change

We asked 20 organizational development experts to share their advice on overcoming challenges, implementing change, and measuring success.

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adkar change manadement model. Desk with a laptop and a pile of paper

How to take the ADKAR change management model from theory to practice

What is the ADKAR change management model? The ADKAR change management model is a well-known and widely used approach to […]

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Why the future of work can only be human-centric and inclusive

There’s a big disconnect between what employees today are seeking and what organizations are providing. A Deloitte report shows that […]

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shared purpose

How shared purpose drives collaborative workplaces

Today’s world of work is purpose-led, and workers expect employers to deliver.

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10 Ways Howspace Uses Howspace

In the SaaS world, we frequently hear the term “eating your own dog food” thrown around, but rarely do we […]

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The International Association of Facilitators partners with Howspace

The International Association of Facilitators (IAF) partners with Howspace join to promote the power of facilitation.

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Why collaboration & improved ways of working are crucial for the future of work

The world of work is at a crossroads: Since the pandemic, leaders have focused on transforming the workplace, yet employees […]

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The future of learning: How to design learning experiences for the hybrid world

It’s no secret: work as we know it has changed for good. COVID-19, the Great Resignation, and the rise of […]

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The State of Collaboration Report: Our top 5 findings

The after-effects of COVID-19 continue to disrupt the workplace—the pandemic has exacerbated existing challenges to employee health and wellbeing. 60% […]

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