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Per user, per month

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  • For 1-50 users
  • Billed based on monthly user count
  • Unlimited number of workspaces
  • Full feature set
  • Premade templates
  • Access to Howspace Academy courses
  • Group Onboarding
  • Access to Howspace Community
  • Termination 30 days

Juuso Sales Director

With Howspace you can build up a meaningful, easy-to-use platform for your training and consulting assignments in minutes. Easy to use both for the trainer and the learners.






Per user, per month

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  • For 50+ users
  • 6 euro per user for 100+ users
  • Unlimited number of workspaces
  • Full feature set
  • Group Onboarding
  • Premade templates
  • SSO, API & integrations
  • Access to Howspace Academy courses
  • Access to Howspace Community
  • Termination 90 days

Mari Project Manager within L&D

When you need to engage your employees, whether you are leading a change management process, strategy implementation or a unique workshop, large event or wider training programs – Howspace has all the tools you need to get people involved, participating and sharing ideas to each other.





and under

Per user, per month

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  • Annual package
  • Minimum: 500 users
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Customized onboarding
  • SSO, API & integrations
  • Academy services
  • Strong authentication
  • Termination 180 days

Santeri Change Management Specialist

I’ve never before come across a program that’s so simple to use and supports asynchronous work and the entire process end to end.

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for 30 days

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  • 1 month
  • For 1-5 users
  • 1 workspace
  • Full feature set
  • Premade templates
  • Access to Howspace Community

Karin Director, Training & Consultation

Easy to use and deploy. Great fun in designing the look, feel, and process of the content. Very easy for first-timers to get up and running with the tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

After purchasing the Pay As You Go or Flexible Subscription, you will be able to access your first Howspace Workspace, along with its automated onboarding learning journey to help you get started straight away. Additionally, you will receive an email inviting you to Howspace Community, where you can sign up for a group onboarding session. For tailored subscriptions, your CSM will guide you through a personal onboarding designed to your needs.

Howspace pricing is based on unique users in active workspaces. Users are counted by the number of unique email addresses. Each unique email address is billed once, even if they are part of multiple workspaces. Administrators and participants are billed the same.

It depends on your subscription type. With the Pay As You Go subscription, you would be billed the minimum amount for 1 user in the first month and 100 times unit price the next. In a Flexible subscription, you will be billed based on the minimum user count in your subscription during the first month, and extra for users overlapping the minimum user count based on the unit price during the second month.

You can always upgrade your plan by contacting You can downgrade from a Flexible subscription to a Pay As You Go with 90 days notice and from an Enterprise Package subscription to any smaller plan with 180 days notice.

The billing period for online subscriptions is one month. The billing period starts on the day of purchase. In a package contract, the billing period is specified in your contract. You can always access your billing information through the Howspace Main User dashboard, which is available to all account main users.

Our billing is based on the number of unique users in active workspaces. Users in archived workspaces are not billed. Archiving a workspace prevents users from accessing the workspace, but retains the processes, content, and workflows you have previously created for later use.

You can cancel a subscription by contacting The subscription will end after the notice period specified in your contract.