Howspace Academy

Level up your skills to support effective collaboration

Expand your knowledge

We’ve designed our learning programs for organizational development and learning professionals, leaders, and facilitators who are eager to learn more about the hybrid ways of working. Learn how to inspire participants, create collaboration processes, and have long-lasting impact at scale.

Grow as a Howspace admin, digital facilitator, and transformation professional

Introduction to Digital Facilitation

This virtual training program is completed asynchronously. The main goal is to develop your skills and understanding of digital facilitation in a facilitated social learning space. Learn together with people from around the world!

  • Take part in free 3-week virtual, asynchronous training.
  • Hear examples and stories from our top facilitators.
  • Share experiences with other participants.
  • Open to everyone looking to become an expert in digital facilitation (no Howspace account needed).

Group onboarding

This virtual training program is for new Howspace admins. All new customers will be invited to a Group onboarding.

  • Receive 1.5 hours of virtual training from Howspace experts.
  • Learn the basics of Howspace.
  • Start creating your first workflow on the platform.
  • Understand the possibilities of the new way of working.


This virtual training program is for Howspace admins and facilitators who want to deepen their facilitation skills and get new ideas. This course is best suited for admins already familiar with the basics of Howspace.

  • Engage in three 1.5 hour sessions of virtual training (both synchronous and asynchronous).
  • Dive deeper into the new possibilities.
  • Discover new ways to use Howspace features and turn your favorite in-person facilitation methods virtual.
  • Create processes and workflows for your needs.


Are you interested in creating meaningful dialogue and guided collaboration in a hybrid workspace? This is the perfect choice for you. This course is best suited for admins with a working knowledge of Howspace.

  • Receive three 1.5 hour sessions of virtual training (both synchronous and asynchronous).
  • Discuss ways of enabling guided collaboration in your own organizational development processes, learning programs, or workshops.
  • Learn how to turn old methods into digital and facilitate processes that make people inspired and engaged.

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Sofia Lodeiro

Academy Coordinator