Howspace for Organizational Transformation

Design a transformation journey that connects your people to its purpose and enables everyone to contribute to lasting change.

Lead positive change with vision and purpose

  • Shared vision: Craft a transformative vision that resonates at all levels of the organization, providing a guiding light for everyone to rally behind.
  • Purpose-driven culture: Align actions with purpose. Develop strategies that infuse every initiative with meaning, reinforcing a collective sense of purpose and commitment, ultimately leading to transformative results.
  • Real-time analytics: Stay informed and make data-driven decisions with access to real-time analytics. Monitor engagement, progress, and performance to maximize the impact of your change initiatives.

Foster innovation within your organization

  • Place for ideas: Create an open and safe space that empowers your people to explore and discuss new ideas together.
  • Learning and co-creation: Leverage the creativity of your people and bring them together to discuss, learn, and co-create.
  • AI-powered insights: Involve a limitless number of people in dialogue and draw conclusions in real-time with AI insights. Make decisions faster based on company-wide input.

Involve everyone in the journey

  • Transparency and strategic alignment: Build trust and psychological safety by ensuring everyone knows the reasons for change.
  • Foster collaboration: Break down silos by bringing people from different parts of the organization together in a safe space.
  • Diverse voices: Allow everyone to contribute to their own language by using the translations feature.

Make participation easy and efficient

  • Seamless accessibility: Create a journey where people can easily join with one-click access—no time spent on finding the right place to contribute.
  • Intuitive and easy to use: Build a journey for your transformation without any coding expertise with the drag-and-drop interface.
  • Participant management: Bring the participant’s focus to one section of the journey at a time and continuously track their progress and participation on the platform.

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What our customers say about us

“Virtual working methods contribute to equality when the discussions are not only analyzed by humans but also by AI. Howspace really gives every individual the opportunity to be part of the decision-making process.”

Lotta Vuoristo, Head of Culture Journey at KONE Corporations

“I’ve never before come across a program that’s so simple to use and supports asynchronous work and the entire process end to end.”

Santeri Pääkkö, Change Management Specialist at Senate Properties

“The digital ways of working bring more participation and equality to the process. Everyone’s voice matters the same on a digital platform. This is a possibility for leaders to hear what people in their organization are saying, at a new scale.”

Elina Aaltolainen, Consultant at Milestone (Working with Aktia Bank)

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Powered by the people: Elevator company KONE renewed its values with all 60,000 employees

KONE Corporation is a pioneer in building a community culture. Howspace supported KONE on its journey to develop the company culture and renew its values.

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As many as 75% of Senate Properties employees engage in co-creation every month⁠

State agencies lacked a centralized system to support collaboration. Senate Properties started using Howspace widely to enhance collaboration and digitize work.

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