Transformation Leaders Community

Empowering transformation leaders to shape the future of work

Are you a human-centered transformation leader seeking to drive change and innovation in your organization? Join our growing community dedicated to rethinking traditional approaches to work and transformation. We aim to create a platform where leaders from various backgrounds can share ideas and practices to foster cultural change. By joining, you’ll gain access to valuable industry insights, compare experiences with peers, and find resources to help navigate the challenges of change management.

Community events

Online Mastermind Meetings

8 sessions a year where we focus on peer-to-peer learning. The agenda is created by the group itself with a facilitator from Howspace.

Networking Lunches

You’re invited to join local networking lunches to meet with local members.

Online Community Workspace

Access to a closed community workspace where you can connect, share and access resources shared by the group.

Transformative Impact

Annual in-person and online event bringing together hundreds of transformation leaders to challenge existing norms and embrace new ways of working.


Our community is open to professionals who are eager to lead transformation initiatives with a human-centered approach or simply passionate about making a difference.

To ensure the quality of the discussions, we welcome participants who:

  • Work for large enterprises or consulting firms, Public Organizations or NGO’s.
  • Currently hold a position in change management or transformational leadership, C-level position or higher.
  • Membership is free of charge, but you must attend ⅔ of the meetings to stay in the group. We can not guarantee that there is an opening for you, but you are welcome to apply as we continuously launch new communities.

Apply to join

Benefits of joining the community

  • Learn: Learn from transformation experts, speakers, and inspiring leaders.
  • Connect: Build your network and connect with experts.
  • Grow: Grow personally and professionally through peer-to-peer learning together with like-minded.
  • Share: Get invited to share your knowledge at events, meet-ups, and webinars and build your personal brand.

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