Howspace for Education

Succeed in your strategic and learning processes by involving and engaging more stakeholders

70+ Global NPS

Howspace is loved and trusted by over 600+ customers across 50+ countries

75+% Engagement

See increased involvement rates among your employees, students, and external partners

Leap in strategic operations

Make sure your digital tools are more than just data storage facilities or document management spaces

Effectively navigate the complexities of strategy work

  • Create a dedicated space: easily involve all staff, students, and external partners in strategy work, development projects, or learning journeys.
  • Unify the process: combine existing tools and documents in one platform to provide a clearer, more transparent overview rather than being scattered across many different channels and documents.
  • Leverage AI: analyze large quantities of data to help your institution make more informed decisions faster.

Facilitate a more connected and blended learning experience

  • Take control of content production and design: anyone can produce their own content easily and design collaboration around it – no external support is needed!
  • Easily build customized courses at scale: easily build processes or projects that cater to all your organization’s needs and quickly implement changes — saving time & money.
  • Improve engagement rates: extend the life of live and virtual workshops and enable engagement between sessions to multiply participant activity and retention.

Ensure lasting impact

  • Start with people and dialogue: let content emerge through a process of co-creation and co-learning easily facilitated on Howspace.
  • Support large-scale collaborations: give more people a chance to be heard and increase accountability among your stakeholders.
  • Track and sustain involvement: get valuable data on user activity, contributions, and more, to help you track engagement levels, identify areas of interest, and measure the impact of learning initiatives, making it easier to improve involvement and collaboration.

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What our customers say about us

“When we moved from physical to online education, Howspace helped tremendously to transition and offer a true online learning experience. We didn’t just offer online courses, but an entire learning environment through Howspace. That really made it a valuable experience for our students.”

Natasja Derwort, Program Manager at Nyenrode Business University

“It feels like we took a five-year leap forward in our operations immediately when we started using Howspace. With Howspace, we have seen a big ideological difference in our entire operations compared to how it was before. Our previous learning platform was mainly a data storage facility or a document management place.” 

Terhi Alatalo, Education Manager at University of Turku TSE exe

“You don’t learn only from the professor, you learn from each other. For me, Howspace is the space where learning from each other materializes in a very concrete way.”

Dra. Michelle Cristina Sampaio, Associate Professor at UNIRIO

Customer stories

The new era of education: how Nyenrode University created an online learning environment

Howspace helped Nyenrode University build a foundation for blended classes to make education more effective and enabled them to create an engaging online learning environment.

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Howspace supports business, growth and stability in new working conditions

The University of Turku’s TSE exe worked hard to move events and training packages online as quickly as possible during the beginning of the pandemic.

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Preserving dialogic learning in virtual classrooms at UNIRIO with Howspace

Dra. Michelle Cristina Sampaio, Associate Professor at UNIRIO, preserved dialogic learning in her virtual courses during the pandemic with Howspace. 

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