Howspace for Enterprise Transformation

The future of work is collaborative, social, and engaging.

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An end-to-end platform for transformation at scale

Foster culture and reshape how work happens in order to align everyone for the greatest impact.

Make sure collaboration isn’t siloed

Power cross-functional collaboration within your organization to increase company alignment and streamline processes.

Empower everyone to be a leader

Give every team member a voice and engage them in decision-making processes from start to finish.

Ensure the whole company is aligned

Create open and inclusive spaces to enable a purpose-driven culture and encourage greater innovation together.

Provide more visibility company-wide

Build a space where all workshops, meetings, interviews, and brainstorming sessions are part of a strategic journey, documented, and analyzed in real time.

Key benefits of enterprise transformation

Here's how Howspace helps your organization's transformation processes succeed

Large-scale collaboration

Facilitate content sharing, active co-creation, and collaboration at scale, all in one place.

Increased involvement

Engage everyone in the organization and create a two-way communication for input and clarity to and from all levels at scale.

Better alignment

Ensure that everyone in the organization is involved in the strategy and understands their role in achieving common goals.

Customers stories

Powered by the people: Elevator company KONE renewed its values with all 60,000 employees

KONE Corporation is a pioneer in building a community culture. Howspace supported KONE on its journey to develop the company culture and renew its values.

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Employee engagement: Wärtsilä Energy involved all levels in strategy work

Wärtsilä energy decided to change their strategy – and how to plan it – by consulting the organization in order to adapt to the changing industry.

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Digital facilitation supports modern ways of working with coaching programs

Alma Media was looking for a solution to increase agility in sharing know-how, remodel education and training, develop leadership coaching, and find even more effective ways of working.

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What our customers say about us

“Howspace creates an environment that feels safe, as the platform can be adjusted to the customer’s brand. This inspires people to share thoughts and ideas and facilitate change mutually.”

Lisandro Morón, Senior Manager at Implement Consulting Group

“Howspace is more intuitive than a Teams channel, especially for reflecting together in large groups. But on the whole, it doesn’t replace tools like Microsoft Teams, it complements them.”

Claus-Bernhard Pakleppa, Managing Partner of p4d

“Before Howspace, collaboration was complicated because people and information were scattered across different tools. In Howspace, everything is in one place: participants can see each other’s profiles, ideas and companies, and it’s easy to connect and collaborate.”

Vitalii Lisovyi, CEO of Ukrainian Future Business Incubator