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Put your people at the heart of the transformation journey

70+ Global NPS

Howspace is loved and trusted by over 600+ customers across 50+ countries.

75%+ Engagement

See increased involvement rates among your all employees.

Faster Decision-making

With real-time AI and interactive widgets, you can make a faster analysis of the situation together.

Effectively navigate the complexities of transformations

  • Create a dedicated space: build an environment designed with context and purpose and allows for open, two-way dialogue throughout the transformation journey.
  • Unify the process: combine existing tools and documents in one platform to provide a clearer, more transparent overview rather than being scattered across many different channels and documents.
  • Leverage AI: analyze large quantities of data to help your organization make more informed decisions faster.

Overcome resistance to change

  • Lead with transparency: get a better way of communicating your company’s strategy and objectives that inspires people to want to be a part of making that vision happen.
  • Improve employee engagement: involve every employee in the transformation journey at the relevant time, breaking down silos, and fostering greater collaboration together. 
  • Provide more convenience: allow employees, especially from many different geographic regions, to join the process whenever, wherever and even in their preferred language.

Ensure lasting impact

  • Build your employees’ capabilities continuously: develop the skills and competencies needed for change with tailored and customized learning and development programs easily created on Howspace or integrate your current LMS with our Partner API.
  • Track and sustain involvement: get valuable data on user activity, contributions, and more, to help you track engagement levels, identify areas of interest, and measure the impact of transformation initiatives, making it easier to improve involvement and collaboration.
  • Be more flexible: get an easy, accessible, and flexible tool that will adapt in real-time to any and all changes in your continuous transformation journey.

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What our other customers say about us

“With the help of Howspace, we were able to engage people from all our geographic regions to take part. There were a lot of people involved in the discussions whom we have previously struggled to engage without working together face-to-face. Now, everyone was really enthusiastic and active.

Lotta Vuoristo, Head of Culture Journey at KONE Corporation

“People feel that Howspace improves their ability to be heard and seen more effectively than in the face-to-face meetings of the past, where often only the loudest voices were truly heard.”

Pilvi Pellikka, Head of Development at the Finnish Ministry of Finance

“The biggest difference to other software is that with, for instance, Teams or PowerPoint, I can’t work asynchronously or support asynchronous work. Many additional tools would be required to achieve the same benefits… A convenient tool does exist for each single part that is needed, but for building and supporting the entire process end to end, Howspace is superior.”

Pertti Siekkinen, Senate Properties Special Expert in Change Management.

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As many as 75% of Senate Properties employees engage in co-creation every month⁠

State agencies lacked a centralized system to support collaboration. Senate Properties started using Howspace widely to enhance collaboration and digitize work.

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