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Transform and grow active and engaged communities and citizenry

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Howspace is loved and trusted by over 600+ customers across 50+ countries

75+% Engagement

See increased involvement rates among your communities or citizenry and between different organizations

100% easy, accessible, and flexible tool

Howspace is a tool that can flow with you as you move through a process and you’re able to respond to any last-minute needs

Ensure everyone can be involved

  • Involve a limitless amount of participants: have a centralized space that allows all individuals to collaborate together from anywhere at anytime. Rest assured, all sensitive data is secure and protected.
  • Create a secure, dedicated space: build a centralized space that encourages greater dialogue and collaboration. Rest assured, all sensitive data is secure and protected.
  • Leverage AI: analyze large quantities of data to help you make more informed decisions together and faster.

Grow stronger, more active communities

  • Empower every voice: involve a limitless number of different stakeholders to participate and collaborate at any time, from anywhere.
  • Build continuous engagement: easilykeep everyone connected by creating different kinds of feedback loops and activate individuals at different stages of various processes.
  • Track and sustain involvement: get valuable data on user activity, contributions, and more, to help you track engagement levels, identify areas of interest, and measure the impact of community initiatives, making it easier to improve involvement and collaboration.

Build an open and safe space for people to freely share

  • Ensure your digital space is intuitive and easy-to-use: in Howspace, everyone can join in discussions with basic digital skills — no need for external technical support.
  • Facilitate mindfully: provide an open and democratic yet curated space where it’s safe to have conversations and talk about delicate subjects without any harassment.
  • Support multiple languages: Howspace’s AI provides translations for several languages, so participants can work and communicate in their preferred language and still be understood!

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What our customers say about us

“I’ve never before come across a program that’s so simple to use and where everyone can immediately create their own workshop and use it to support their work. The biggest difference to other software is that many additional tools would be required to achieve the same benefits. For building and supporting the entire process end to end, Howspace is superior.”

Pertti Siekkinen, Senate Properties Special Expert in Change Management

“People feel that Howspace improves their ability to be heard and seen more effectively than in the face-to-face meetings of the past, where often only the loudest voices were truly heard.”

Pilvi Pellikka, Head of Development at the Finnish Ministry of Finance

“It was key for us to have such an easy, accessible, and flexible tool. We didn’t want something static, but instead wanted something that can flow with us as we move through the process—that’s what attracted us to Howspace. Together with the Howspace team, we’re creating an accessible space, and we’re able to respond to last-minute needs.”

Nancy Khweiss, Deputy Head of GEF Secretariat at UN Women

Customer stories

UN Women gives diverse voices a seat at the table through an AI-powered online platform

UN Women brought diverse voices to the table through the Generation Equality Forum Public Conversation platform—held on Howspace.

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How the transition to remote work transformed development initiatives in Finland’s Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Finance Finland needed a platform to help them transition from in-person work to a hybrid model. Howspace made the ministry’s collaboration more equal and enabled everyone’s voice to be heard.

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As many as 75% of Senate Properties employees engage in co-creation every month⁠

State agencies lacked a centralized system to support collaboration. Senate Properties started using Howspace widely to enhance collaboration and digitize work.

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