Leading transformation requires involvement and continuous change capability building

Sofigate is a pioneer in business technology leadership and an inspiring example of how involving people in transformation supports success. Sofigate’s top priority is to support clients in a way that increases their own ability to lead transformation while also achieving their business objectives.

Sofigate helps companies and public organizations design, build, and implement technology solutions that support their business. These large-scale projects often span multiple years and require the extensive engagement of people at various stages of the transformation journey.

Sofigate’s experts supporting human-centric design

Sofigate supports their clients in planning and leading the transformation journey, ensuring that individuals affected by the change are involved in various stages of the process. Throughout this journey, tools are deployed to enable the client’s business leadership to comprehensively craft their desired future state. A central goal is always to enhance the client’s own change capabilities.

“No one else can develop another person’s work, which is why it’s crucial for people to be involved from the very beginning.”

“We help our clients build the transformation journey by ensuring that people are involved right from the start. We help shape the narrative and set shared objectives”, Mia Nikula, Business Executive Platform Transformations at Sofigate, explains.

“We ensure that the client has access to all the necessary operating, guiding, and project models to be able to lead successful transformation. No one else can develop another person’s work, which is why it’s crucial for people to be involved from the very beginning,” she continues.

Mia asserts: “We utilize Howspace in our client work, both in the planning phase and in change leadership. Howspace has helped us streamline change communication and engage people in various ways.”.

With Howspace, Sofigate can efficiently facilitate an international group of participants through the planning phase of their transformation journey. Additionally, Howspace contributes to improving the client’s capabilities and fostering communities that play a crucial role in the change process.

For example, Howspace has played a central role in the business transformation of a multinational organization with over 100,000 employees. The objective of this transformation has been to modernize both business practices and technologies. Moreover, this extensive change has involved implementing new ERP systems.

“The client’s main challenge was to engage an international group in the planning of the transformation. Moreover, every participant was urged to embark on a learning journey to accelerate the development of the necessary capabilities for change leadership,” Mia explains.

“Projects of this scale require substantial investments from organizations, and a key factor for success is establishing a unified vision of the future. What kind of change are we undertaking? What goals and expectations have been set? What does the future potentially look like from the perspectives of individuals, teams, and the organization as a whole? It is only after a shared understanding is established that individuals can be prepared to articulate their preferences and needs regarding services, processes, and systems.”

During this specific project, Sofigate helped their client in designing and facilitating transformation sprints, ensuring that participants’ experience with Howspace was seamless and that assigned tasks were easy to grasp. The client was impressed with the work done during the project and the results achieved together, leading them to extensively implement Howspace within their own organization.

In the future, Sofigate intends to continue leveraging Howspace and offer its clients more opportunities to drive effective and lasting change. The goal is to enhance clients’ capabilities so that they recognize the benefits of using Howspace in change and transformation leadership and begin utilizing the platform in their own work.

Sofigate is a partner of Howspace. The partnership aims to develop shared business opportunities and accelerate growth by leveraging Howspace’s inclusive AI-powered engagement platform.

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