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The importance of leadership in guiding organizational transformation

Discover how effective leadership drives organizational transformation. Explore strategies for successful human-centric transformations.

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Howspace’s approach to empowering organizational transformation

Discover the power of organizational transformation for success. Learn how Howspace’s human-centric approach can drive lasting change.

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From detachment to belonging: Reviving member engagement with Howspace

Discover how Howspace can help to revive member engagement, fostering a sense of community, and inclusivity. Learn from real-world cases and see how this digital tool adapts to modern unionism.

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How Howspace’s AI is empowering organizational transformation

Discover how Howspace AI empowers organizational transformation. Learn how our AI enhances decision-making and enables sense-making at scale.

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Why the future of work can only be human-centric and inclusive

There’s a big disconnect between what employees today are seeking and what organizations are providing. A Deloitte report shows that […]

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shared purpose

How shared purpose drives collaborative workplaces

Today’s world of work is purpose-led, and workers expect employers to deliver.

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Why collaboration & improved ways of working are crucial for the future of work

The world of work is at a crossroads: Since the pandemic, leaders have focused on transforming the workplace, yet employees […]

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Image of Ilkka Mäkitalo, CEO and founder of Howspace

What does Transformative Impact look like in practice on Howspace?

In building Howspace, we identified five key pillars that support collaborative impact: inclusivity, learning, transparency, human-centricity and AI power.

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How to create impact by taking a workflow-based approach to collaboration

The fourth Howspace design principle is workflow-based. Learn what this means in practice, and how to create impact by taking a workflow-based approach to collaboration.

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What is Transformative Impact and why is it important?

The connection between individuals and organizations is broken. According to a recent report by Gallup, only 21% of employees feel […]

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