Daniel Monthan

13 online icebreakers, energizer games, and activities to make your next workshop more engaging

We all know the bore of a non-interactive virtual meeting—one person talking, 20 others listening with their cameras off. By […]

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How to facilitate a workshop in 18 simple steps

Want to facilitate a successful workshop? These 18 simple steps will help you get started with successful workshop preparation.

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10 facilitation techniques that will make your hybrid meetings more engaging

As we enter the pandemic’s twilight, it’s become clear that remote work is here to stay. It’s more important than […]

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5 Facilitator Skills to Re-think in the Digital Era

Facilitation is a craft that requires many very different types of expertise. The best facilitators know how to pick and […]

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5 tips for organizing a successful hybrid event or hybrid training

What exactly is a hybrid event, and how can you successfully organize one? Here are our top five tips for success.

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Daniel är en van facilitator

How to facilitate a virtual workshop?

Many of us have faced the challenge of turning an in-person workshop into a virtual one during COVID-19. Whereas many […]

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How to design an effective leadership training program with 7 simple tips

Designing a leadership training program is one of those things that seems easy on the surface. And with these 7 tips up your sleeve, it really will be.

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