Transform how you work with your clients

Achieve a 72% engagement rate in your client workshops and meetings with Howspace.

Why Engagement Matters?

Research shows that engaging at least 7% of your client’s employees in transformation efforts can significantly improve the impact.

Our clients consistently achieve an average engagement rate of 72%, ensuring that a significant majority of stakeholders are actively involved in shaping outcomes, thus making every strategy session more effective and inclusive.

This not only meets but sets new standards for success in consultancy work.

How AI Can Speed Up Your Work?

AI is transforming all work, including the ways consultants can deliver value to their clients. Howspace integrates AI tools to analyze, sort, and translate discussions, provide feedback and guidance, and summarize insights. Its sophisticated capabilities allow for semantic, contextual, and multilingual understanding.

By leveraging these capabilities, our AI can help you design and execute transformation efficiently while supporting better decision-making and more effective collaboration between you and your client’s organization.

Benefits of Howspace

Effortless engagement

Easily involve your client’s team in the change process with tools designed to keep everyone connected and active.

Consistently high engagement

Achieve an average engagement rate of 72% in your sessions, making every interaction count.

Smart AI tools

Use AI to bring efficiency and insight into every meeting, helping you make informed decisions quickly.

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What our customers say about us

“The digital ways of working bring more participation and equality to the process. Everyone’s voice matters the same on a digital platform. This is a possibility for leaders to hear what people in their organization are saying at a new scale.

Elina Aaltolainen, Consultant at Milestone (Working with Aktia Bank)

On the platform, change and related decisions are constantly visible to everyone, not just at separate points in time. We do not believe in a change where a workshop or a few are held, followed by a long silence and uncertainty about whether common ideas have progressed.”

Antti Pitkänen, Director of Research and Strategy, Chairman of the Board, Agile Work

“Without Howspace, it would take a shocking amount of time to compile information and material. Now, we can always easily find all the videos, images, questions, presentations, and other materials related to a particular concept in the workspace.”

Niko Tuominen, Fellowmind’s VP of Strategy

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Learn how our platform enables consultants like you to achieve up to 70% engagement rates, utilizing a customized environment that adapts in real-time, powered by intuitive AI. Our experts are happy to show you how Howspace can streamline your processes, foster deep collaboration, and enhance decision-making capabilities.

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