A Collaboration Hub: p4d uses Howspace to centralize co-creation with multiple clients

The Bonn-based business consultancy p4d has been advising companies for over 17 years and specializes in business development and transformation, and change processes. Many of its clients are from traditional industries as well as public institutions and NGOs. According to Claus-Bernhard Pakleppa, Managing Partner of p4d, they have been using Howspace for over two years, with the COVID pandemic being one of the main triggers for using the platform.

In addition to consulting companies, p4d also offers direct coaching for individuals in larger organizations, provides in-house seminars and training, as well as organizes and conducts larger series of events and participation processes for its clients, e.g. from the public sector. 

The scope of using Howspace is, therefore, very broad. On the one hand, p4d uses it as a dummy space to show its clients the opportunities and possibilities of Howspace. On the other hand, the platform is used to organize and hold events, both live and virtually – i.e. synchronously and asynchronously. 

One interesting use case has been for SAP implementations in larger corporations. Here, p4d supports its customers with workshops and larger interactions to accompany the global change management of the organization.

“The main advantage is the opportunity to exchange ideas with each other, for example in retrospectives or through checking the current mood.”

This is where Claus and his team use Howspace, especially for the workshops. This way, the soft topics of change managers, such as the onboarding process, are covered within the platform. “The main advantage is the possibility to exchange ideas with each other, for example, in retrospectives or through checking the current mood,” says Claus. “Howspace is more intuitive than a Teams channel, especially for reflecting together in large groups. But on the whole, it doesn’t replace tools like Microsoft Teams; it complements them,” he adds.

“Howspace creates transparency by making all documents and recordings available to all participants whilst also allowing an open dialogue”

Another interesting use case is p4d’s work with German and South African universities that are cooperating with each other. Here, p4d organized a kick-off event with the universities and ministries involved in the process. “All the content is presented in Howspace, so participants and people can also interact with the content for a long time,” Claus says. “That’s definitely an element we didn’t have before – in addition, Howspace creates transparency by making all documents and recordings available to all participants whilst also allowing an open dialogue.”

Since p4d not only offers consulting services but also supports companies in using Howspace, the company can be seen as a platform provider and project manager at the same time. “I don’t know of any platform that could replicate what Howspace can do. It’s intuitive, simple, and applicable to many use cases,” Claus says.

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