Howspace Whistleblowing Channel

At Howspace, we are using a whistleblowing channel called First Whistle to manage reports on concerns about unwanted behavior. We are deeply committed to treating all our customers and every member of our workforce, including job applicants, with the utmost fairness and equality.

Our commitment to this principle extends to individuals of all backgrounds, regardless of age, language, ethnic and national origin, religion, beliefs, state of health, disability, sexual orientation, or any other similar personal characteristic. We firmly believe in upholding these values and strive to set an exemplary standard for others to follow.

We are constantly working together to fulfill the objectives of these areas in accordance with our values and to set an example for others.

First Whistle channel

We have set-up a First Whistle channel where our internal and external stakeholders can raise anonymous concerns about unwanted behavior that they have seen and/or witnessed. For example, corruption, illegal actions, human rights violations, dishonest or inappropriate behavior, or any other unethical activities that are seen as unwanted.

First Whistle is a secure channel that is managed by an external partner. Our dedicated case managers handle every report filed with the utmost discretion. You can submit your report anonymously or with your contact details, putting you in control of the process.

The handling process is conducted by named persons who have professional confidentiality and they diligently assess and take action upon receiving these reports.

You will be contacted within seven days after filing out a report to the channel. The case will be investigated within three months’ time, and you will be contacted during the process and informed of the end result and measures taken.

For any customer-related concerns or inquiries, we kindly ask that you utilize our dedicated support email address:

We thank you for your trust in our commitment to transparency, ethics, and equality, and we remain dedicated to fostering a safe and inclusive environment for all.