Intelligent stakeholder management ensures the success of change

As a change leader, do you recognize this situation: A change process is underway or completed, only to realize that a crucial team was overlooked? Or perhaps you identified all stakeholders, yet resistance to change still arises?

Erja Klemola

“When stakeholder analysis is based on assumptions, the change process is derailed from the start.” – Erja Klemola, CEO, Humap

When your stakeholder analysis and engagement plan are based on assumptions, the likelihood of failure is simply too high. 

Intelligent stakeholder management combines information gathering with engagement planning and execution.

To succeed in your role, it’s time to make the stakeholder analysis and engagement process tools to drive true impact.

The most common pitfalls in stakeholder analysis:

  • Stakeholder analysis is not done at all.
  • An essential stakeholder group is missed, causing delays or resistance later.
  • Stakeholder engagement is ineffective: one-way information sharing or constant meetings and back-and-forth emails.

With AI-powered Howspace, you can:

  • Conduct precise analysis and engage more efficiently than any other platform.
  • Involve a wider audience, reducing the risk of missing crucial stakeholders.
  • Engage people in meaningful dialogue while reducing meetings and emails.
  • Increase project team cohesion.

4 tips from change leaders for improved stakeholder mapping and engagement

Erja Klemola

Erja Klemola

“Traditional methods, such as stakeholder analysis based on organizational structure and roles, often lead to superficial results. People are not heard at any stage of the process. Changing the situation is easy when you put yourself in the stakeholders’ position. Wouldn’t you also want to be asked about your motivation and expectations? If the change affects people’s daily work in any way, engagement is essential.”

Erja Klemola
Humap Consultation

Andrew McCulloch

“Planning out stakeholder engagement is a more powerful exercise than merely identifying the stakeholders. For us, it starts with a list where folks can add any groups we might be missing. Then, we engage them in exercises to determine the best ways to communicate with each group, understanding their specific needs and constraints. This approach helps tailor our engagement plans effectively, as different teams can have varied, and very different preferences and requirements, and these insights live as tacit knowledge in the organization that we need to actively work to find.”

Andrew McCulloch
Change Management Consultant
Mariner Innovations

Lynn Underwood

“Make sure you work actively to identify your blind spots! A project team in change management is often too busy with a very linear delivery plan. Yet effective stakeholder engagement and management require understanding the change process’s impact and interdependencies. How can you ensure you’re having productive conversations with the relevant stakeholders over time to truly identify the key changes here?”

Lynn Underwood
Senior Change Manager
University of California

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How to map and engage all stakeholders with Howspace

Collect & analyze data

  • Efficiently gather insights at both individual and team levels using Howspace.
  • Invite external stakeholders to contribute with one-click access.
  • Identify the different needs and preferences of stakeholders regarding communication and levels of engagement during the change process.
  • Utilize AI: Howspace’s built-in generative AI summarizes insights into an easily understandable format in real time.

Create a centralized hub for continuous dialogue

  • Coordinate all change communication with multiple stakeholder groups on a single platform.
  • Break complex information into easily digestible pieces.
  • Share documents, create polls or surveys and embed multimedia content.
  • Facilitate workshops & events.

Ensure the right direction for change

  • Create a continuous feedback loop.
  • Schedule activity-based email reminders for different user groups to maintain open stakeholder communication throughout the change process.
  • Regularly measure the impact of change with Howspace and adapt as needed.

Book a walkthrough of the stakeholder process

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