Virtual training

Facilitating Transformation: From Theory to Practice

Develop your skills in facilitating change

Organizational transformation is a challenging journey that requires the active involvement of every employee. Many organizations fail to reach their full potential due to resistance to change and a lack of engagement.

At Howspace, we’re committed to equipping leaders with the expertise and tools needed to navigate the complex world of organizational transformation.

Our free, 3-week virtual course is designed to expand your skills and knowledge, providing you with frameworks and methodologies to drive successful transformations.

You get to:

  • Deepen your knowledge and gain a wider understanding of involvement in organizational transformations.
  • Delve into an array of tools, methodologies, and frameworks essential for leading successful change.
  • Engage in a dynamic social learning journey, tapping into the collective wisdom of your peers.

The course consists of:

  • Five asynchronous sessions (30-45 minutes each)
  • One synchronous workshop on how to utilize Howspace in the transformation journey.
  • Facilitated social learning space for the participants
  • Participants can now also choose from our list of 25 (and counting) supported languages to communicate freely in their preferred language, thanks to our AI!
  • An end reflection, after which you receive a certificate of completion

The next cohort starts on April 8 and can be completed asynchronously in your own time during a three-week period. The expectation for you is to have approximately 2 hours per week set aside for learning. In addition to the asynchronous learning modules, there will be one synchronous 1-hour workshop emphasizing a more practical, hands-on approach to utilizing Howspace in the transformation journey.

While you work according to your schedule each week, you’ll be connected with a global community of professionals who can support one another and share knowledge.

Please note that we’ll have limited seats, so make sure to secure your spot now!

Program schedule


From change management to human-centric transformation

Session 1

Complicated change vs complex transformation

Session 2

Tools for complicated change

Session 3

Tools for complex transformation

Session 4

Leading and decision-making in different types of organizations

Your facilitators

Hanna Liimatainen

Sanni Juoperi

Nicole Francoeur

Antje Schubert