Build better strategies through co-creation

Tap into your team’s potential with Howspace. Experience firsthand how our platform can transform your strategic planning process, from gathering insights to implementing the plan.

By involving your entire team, you can create a strategy that reflects diverse perspectives, drives innovation, and ensures everyone is aligned with your organization’s goals.

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Strategy co-creation in Howspace

Reasons to use Howspace

Effortless engagement

Involve people in the strategy co-creation process with tools designed to keep everyone connected and engaged.

Consistently high engagement

Achieve an average engagement rate of over 70% in your strategy process, making every interaction count.

Smart AI tools

Use AI to bring efficiency and insight into every phase of the process, helping you make informed decisions quickly.

Why should you co-create your strategy?

Engaging your entire team in the strategy planning process brings numerous advantages. It enhances productivity by incorporating diverse perspectives, cuts costs through collaborative problem-solving, and explores new business models.

Crucially, co-creation ensures that every team member feels valued and heard, resulting in a shared commitment to the strategy and a unified vision for success.

Features to support your strategy co-creation process

Rich media collaboration: Text, video, image, documents.

Interactive features: Super Chat, pulse, video meetings.

Facilitation and management tools: Real-time AI Insights with OpenAI, user management, and workspace analytics.

Integrations & API: Embed, integration to MS Teams, Partner API.

Enterprise security: ISO 27001:2013-certified platform.

500K+ users trust Howspace worldwide

What our customers say about us

“The digital ways of working bring more participation and equality to the process. Everyone’s voice matters the same on a digital platform. This is a possibility for leaders to hear what people in their organization are saying at a new scale.

Elina Aaltolainen, Consultant at Milestone (Working with Aktia Bank)

“With the help of Howspace, we were able to engage people from all our geographic regions to take part. There were a lot of people involved in the discussions whom we have previously struggled to engage without working together face-to-face. Now, everyone was really enthusiastic and active.

Lotta Vuoristo, Head of Culture Journey at KONE Corporation

“People feel that Howspace improves their ability to be heard and seen more effectively than in the face-to-face meetings of the past, where often only the loudest voices were truly heard.”

Pilvi Pellikka, Head of Development at the Finnish Ministry of Finance

Customers stories

Microsoft partner Fellowmind creates an inclusive data strategy process with Howspace

Fellowmind, Europe’s leading Microsoft partner, developed an inclusive, easily customizable data strategy process for their clients using the Howspace platform.

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Employee engagement: Wärtsilä Energy involved all levels in strategy work

Wärtsilä energy decided to change their strategy – and how to plan it – by consulting the organization in order to adapt to the changing industry.

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As many as 75% of Senate Properties employees engage in co-creation every month⁠

State agencies lacked a centralized system to support collaboration. Senate Properties started using Howspace widely to enhance collaboration and digitize work.

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