Highlights from the Transformative Impact 2023 event


Earlier this October, the very first Transformative Impact event took place both on-site in Pikku-Finlandia, Helsinki, and virtually online. At the heart of Transformative Impact was the mission to bring together hundreds of transformation leaders, visionaries, and change-makers, igniting a spark of inspiration. The goal was to dive deep into the theme of human-centric transformation through keynotes, customer success stories, and an engaging panel discussion.

In this blog post, we’ll unpack the key highlights of the first half of Transformative Impact 2023. Let’s dive in.

Michael Leckie – The power of conversational transformation

The Transformative Impact event was kicked off by author Michael Leckie‘s insightful keynote, highlighting the importance of conversations in driving change.

The keynote is based on his book “The Heart of Transformation: Build the Human Capabilities that Change Organizations for Good”. Together with Leckie, we have built a Howspace template, “The Heart of Transformation: a companion workspace”, which is designed to make it easier to adopt and implement the principles and approaches that Leckie talks about in his book.

Here are key takeaways from Michael’s presentation:

“Good questions asked from a real place of curiosity can be one of the most powerful tools to drive transformation.”

Katri Piirtola – How to succeed in large-scale transformations

KONE‘s Senior Vice President Katri Piirtola‘s presentation, “How to succeed in large-scale transformations,” offered great insights into the dynamics of change within a large organization. Here are the key takeaways from Katri’s presentation:

“With transformation, the key is to figure out how to ensure a safe space where people can be themselves, where they can bring in new ideas and different views, and also, where they can test and fail.”

Kati Järvinen – Transforming Wärtsilä Energy: Making success a habit

In her presentation, “Transforming Wärtsilä Energy: Making Success a Habit”, Kati Järvinen, Talent Development Lead at Wärtsilä Energy, shared some great learnings from Wärtsilä’s transformation journey.

“Believe in people, believe in the purpose and the passion, but first and foremost, believe in yourself and that you are able to make an impact.”

Ilkka Mäkitalo – Engaging people for transformational success

Next up was Howspace CEO and Co-founder Ilkka Mäkitalo‘s fireside chat, where he explored the important role of technology, as well as the nuances between change and transformation, offering key insights for navigating complex organizational shifts.

“We need structured, well-designed processes where people feel that they know what is happening and what is their role in all this.”

In part one of the Transformative Impact event recap, we delved into key themes like conversation and curiosity driving transformation, strategies for success in large-scale, long-term transformations, and leveraging technology for engagement and sense-making.

In the second part, we’ll cover an enlightening panel discussion on “From Engaged Employees to Profit: The Heart & ROI of Business Transformations,” a presentation on sustainability in transformation, and an in-depth look at Howspace’s product roadmap. Stay tuned!

Did you miss the live event? No worries! Catch the recording and dive into the discussions here.

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