Global Transformation Research Report

The global transformation research report

In this report, you’ll gain insight into:

  • Key findings and insights from our global survey 
  • All about organizational transformation and why it’s crucial today 
  • Common challenges and opportunities in transformation 
  • Strategies for successful transformation 
  • The role of technology in transformation

No personal information required!

Transformations don’t happen through initiatives and technology; they happen through people.

Transforming organizations is no easy feat, especially for enterprises made up of people from different countries, cultures, and time zones. Only 22% of organizations succeed in transformation, according to Harvard Business Review

But what exactly makes organizational transformation so difficult? Where do organizations go wrong, and how can we make it right?  

We wanted to dig deeper into this topic by hearing directly from decision-makers and change catalysts at enterprise companies. Based on our global transformation survey, we put together this comprehensive guide to help you overcome the most pressing obstacles and successfully drive transformation in your enterprise organization.

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