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With the free version of Howspace, you’ll get

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Howspace Free users can create a maximum of 3 workspaces. The user-friendly drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to get started and build your first process.

Jump start your collaborative process with a template!

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Black text on a partial white-lavender background, 5 text widgets

Design a Hybrid Workshop

With this template, you can build a complete hybrid workshop, ready to go live, including before, during and after workshop activities.
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One timer widget stacked over three super chat widgets

Icebreaker and Energizer Activities Template

This template offers a collection of different icebreaker and energizer activities and games to be used in virtual and hybrid meetings.
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White background with triangles of purple and lavender in bottom corners, black text

Team Retros Package

Bring your team together to reflect on past work and collaborate on future improvements to ways of working and productivity!
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