Engage in change with Howspace

Lack of involvement is often the cause of failed transformations.

Chasing down stakeholders by email to join workshops is time-consuming. Engagement drops between and after workshops.

People make or break your transformation. That’s why engaging them matters.

With the free version of Howspace, you’ll get:

  • The modern consultant’s platform for transformative involvement:
    • Collaboration space, hybrid workshop facilitation toolkit, transparent messaging, AI-powered insights
  • 20 users
  • 3 workspaces

Jump start your transformation process with a template!

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Pale pink background with white half-circle, one super chat, one image widget with a u-turn arrow, one timer widget

Prioritization for Orgs

Collaborate on company-wide initiatives and change in this facilitator-led workshop that uses AI to highlight the importance of prioritization and focus.
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3 video widgets stacked over two super chat widgets

ADKAR: Awareness Stage

This is a template to execute the first stage of The ADKAR® Model of change in your organization: The Awareness stage.
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Double Diamond

This template helps you define what you need to solve, and then explore potential solutions in a collaborative way. It offers a plug-and-play workflow for a Double Diamond process, which you can edit if needed.
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