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  • Benefits of digital facilitation
  • Different facilitation methods
  • Digital tools needed for success

Gain new facilitation skills, insights, and tips to able to create more engaging digital workshops!

Digitization—and the unexpected push into the world of online workshops and meetings—has paved the way for a new approach to collaboration that is both more effective and sustainable in the long run but it also requires a new set of facilitation skills to adapt to the new environment.

Like any other professional facilitator, a digital facilitator designs a meeting agenda that ensures all the participants are working together towards a common goal. What’s unique about experienced digital facilitators is that they know how to leverage digital tools to make the meeting as productive and engaging as possible.

In this playbook, we’ll provide you with everything you need to get started with digital facilitation. Our ultimate goal is to show you how conducting an online workshop can be as productive as running them in person. Download the playbook to learn how!

The Hybrid Work Playbook

Hybrid Work Model Playbook

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State of Collaboration Report

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Organizational Learning Guide

Organizational Learning Guide

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