The Finnish Medical Association

AI helped the Finnish Medical Association shape the basic principles of healthcare

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A pioneer of digital collaboration: trade union renews operations through bold experiments

Finnish Business School Graduates is a trade union for economists and business students. They have found multiple uses for Howspace in their work.

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Dreaming bigger together: Making digital work more engaging and enlivening

Our Living Waters needed a new digital facilitation tool to reinvigorate their ongoing collaborations and encourage more meaningful interactions within their network. With Howspace, they got everything they needed to make their two-day conference successful, but also gained a new platform to continue working, learning, and evolving together with their network.

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Howspace accelerates the growth of Environment Online’s international school climate movement

The World Summit of Students for Climate aims to establish a worldwide climate agreement for schools. Learn how Howspace enabled global co-creation.

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3 video widgets stacked over two super chat widgets

ADKAR: Awareness Stage

This is a template to execute the first stage of The ADKAR® Model of change in your organization: The Awareness stage.
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An agenda and a live widget stacked over a timer widget and a text widget

2-Week Agile-style Sprint

Support fast learning and an interactive knowledge process by working in agile two-week sprints on Howspace.
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6 circles marking the steps of a co-creation process

Co-creating 4D Objectives

This is a practical goal-setting template that utilizes an appreciative inquiry-based 4D-model in the context of a setting company or team-level objectives.
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