How Sovelto revolutionized training and consulting methods with Howspace


It’s easy for people to study new things independently these days. But for the newly learned skills and knowledge to make an impact, companies need to engage their employees to put them into practice together. This is a challenge for enterprises and consulting companies alike. Digital facilitation platform Howspace has made it possible for the training and consulting company Sovelto to engage in increasingly complex digital projects. It has elevated Sovelto’s role as a strategic partner to its enterprise customers.

Sovelto, founded in 1999, is one of the best-known personnel training and consulting companies in Finland. With a wealth of experience in the training and consulting business, Sovelto is familiar with the traditional practices of the industry. “Too familiar, even”, says Pasi Lehtiniemi, Partner and Executive Consultant at Sovelto.

“Traditionally, we used to be concerned about the true impact of our training and consulting programs that seemed to remain rather vague and short-lived. We perhaps arranged a two-day classroom event, before and after which nothing much happened. Inevitably one then wonders about the lasting impact of the investment on the everyday work of the trained employees, and no doubt the customers wondered about it, too”, Lehtiniemi describes.

Sovelto then decided to try out Howspace for increasing the impact and engagement levels in its projects. The tool was branded as ‘Sovelto Space’ from day one.

Sovelto Space has already been in use in tens of different customer cases. Based on Sovelto’s experiences so far, Lehtiniemi highlights several examples of how to bring the impact and benefits of a customer project to the next level. “Only imagination set the limits really”, Lehtiniemi smiles.

From training budget discussion to strategic business development

Pasi Lehtiniemi describes the impact of Sovelto Space and the digital training and consulting projects on Sovelto’s business. “Traditionally, we often ended up in a workshop cost discussion with customers, such as, whether we should organize a two or three day training program and what it would cost. Now, with Sovelto Space involved as a tool that helps increase the impact of projects, the discussions with customers tend to be on a way more strategic level”, Lehtiniemi says.

“A training project that only takes a couple of days easily gets treated as an operative thing, regardless of how strategic the topic of the project might be”, Lehtiniemi says. “But when the project spreads across a longer period of time, even if the participants do not nearly work on it full time, the discussion that we have with customers suddenly runs around long term development topics and strategic priorities. This obviously places us, too, as a strategic partner for our customers”, Lehtiniemi concludes.

If you’d like to see how Howspace can transform your business, you can start a free 30-day trial. No strings attached.

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